Computex 2008:MSI 也來征服地球?

今天跟小薑原本想找個地方吃個午飯(其實已經下午五點多了@@),卻不小心闖入了人家談生意的場子,卻也意外的遇到了這批可愛的 MSI 軍團。

這批跟日本 Speecys 合作的連網機器人(Internet Connectable Network Robot),能夠扮演家中小管家的角色,讓您在遠方也能即時掌握家裡頭的狀況,並且做出一些適時反應;操作的方式,應該就是透過一套軟體、一組 Webcams (機器人頭上一台、資料上寫 270,000 畫素,您面前一台)。

其他還有所謂的動態即時通,這應該不難理解;動態 RSS,聽起來像是主播親自到你面前播報的感覺;甚至是在關看 YouTube 影片時,還會跳給你看(這跟立體瀏覽器真有關係嗎?)


[MSI is making robots too?]

When we were looking around for a place to have lunch, we accidentally bumped into a troop of cute robots from MSI. MSI's "Internet Connectable Network Robot" is a product of collaboration with a Japanese company called Speecys. It's a housekeeping robot that allows you to see what's going on in the house via its 0.27 Megapixel webcam in its head. The robot also has an interesting function called the "Motion Messenger," which is depicted on the TV in our photo. Watch the video for other things that this robot can do.