Computex 2008:Lobos i Lagio

i Lagio 是一個「隨插即用」的網路收音機。因為軟體和設定都在 USB 隨身碟裡,而且網路收音機只要有網路就能收聽,不受地點的影響,實際上只要帶著一隻這玩意兒,不論在什麼地方,插在什麼電腦上,都能聽到一樣的電台。i Lagio 也可以錄音到隨身碟上,只是不清楚錄音的格式就是了。

[Lobos I Lagio]

i Lagio is a plug-n-play internet radio. The software and the settings are pre-loaded in the USB key, so you can tune in to your favorite radio station anywhere you go (assuming you have internet, that is). Oh, you can also record radio programs onto the USB drive, but we're not sure what formats are supported.