Computex 2008:暗藏玄機的 Eee TV!?

在國際會議中心的華碩攤位裡,有一台 Eee TV 在現場展示,播放著高畫質(Blu-ray)的影片「Cars」。驚訝於 Eee TV 強悍,我們馬上去找旁邊的華碩人員詢問 Eee TV 的規格。誰知道華碩的 PM 不在,旁邊疑似工讀生的人物又一問三不知(還忙著玩 Eee Stick = =),所以我們只好自已繞到電視後面看看。猜猜看我們看到了什麼?

Sitting rather obviously at the ASUS booth, but somehow seemed to slip under everyone's radar, is a rather plain looking LCD TV playing the Blu-ray version of Pixar's Cars. The words Eee TV across the top of it immediately caught our attention, but no one at the booth can give us a satisfactory answer of what it's specs are. And so we decided to take a peek ourselves, and found... A PS3.

It seems that the video running on the LCD TV was in fact fed from the PS3, but a few curious ports on the side of the LCD TV(Including USB ports and a LAN port)indicates that this might actually be the Eee TV. We'll try to find out more if we can.

一台躲在電視後面的 PS3 = =。(疑似)工讀生說:「因為只播 DVD 的話畫面不好看,所以我們就裝了一台 PS3 在後面播影片。」

不過公平的說,這似乎是一台真正的 Eee TV 沒錯。除了 AV / S-Video / VGA 等輸出之外,最上面則有 USB、LAN 等一般電腦上才會看到的 port。夾在夾縫裡也有一隻疑似滑鼠的東西,更加增加了這台 Eee TV 實際上是可用的可能性。或許今天可以找到答案吧?(如果還有再去 TICC 的話 = =)