Computex 2008:青雲即將進軍車用電子領域


<Computex 2008: Albatron Taps Into Car PC Industry> For this Computex's NanGang Exhibition Hall, there is something that catches everyone's eyes. In this supposed to be 'Look-up you see ultra-portables, look-down you see touch screens" show ground, there is one Peugeot 206207CC(Thanks Private Ryan)...



上圖可以看到這部青雲的車用電腦至少有四個功能:即時通訊、多媒體播放、上網與GPS導航(就是那顆地球)。操控方式是透過觸控的方式,系統是Windows XP Embeded Edition。



This Peugeot 206 appears in Albatron's show room. Of course Albatron is not making a switch to automobile retailing, but manufacturing of car PC for center console.

From the photo above, we can see this Albatron car PC's four main features: instant messaging, multimedia player, web browsing and GPS navigation. It's operated by touch screen, and uses Windows XP Embedded Edition as OS.

Since it's a Microsoft OS, we look for that particular combination of three keys: "Ctrl", "Alt" and "Del". It's not there.

Click on video below for product demonstration by Albatron's product manager. And since he expressed his unwillingness to appear in public media, we agreed to mask his face in our photos.