Computex 2009:華碩 Eee Keyboard 動手玩(更新:影片放上來囉)


從 CES 一路等到現在,小薑終於玩到 Eee Keyboard 了。一言以蔽之,強!

鍵盤旁邊的的螢幕解析度是 800x480,但它並不是原本想像中那樣,是個像 Sideshow 的獨立作業系統,而是跑 Windows XP 的 -- 準確的說,旁邊這個小螢幕,才是 Eee Keyboard 的主螢幕,接到電腦螢幕或電視上的,才是 Eee Keyboard 的次螢幕。因此(雖然沒必要),滑鼠理論上是可以從操作 Eee Keyboard 小螢幕上的東西的。

Eee Keyboard 的觸控軟體是寫在 WinXP 裡的一個程式(像 EeeTop 那樣),裡頭大部份是電腦裡面的軟體的捷徑,但也有 MSN、Skype、音樂播放器等華碩專門為了 Eee Keyboard 寫的播放程式。因為所有的東西都在同一個作業系統下,用 Eee Keyboard 的小螢幕操作外接大螢幕上的東西出乎意料之外的順暢。

Eee Keyboard 有兩個版本 -- 有線版,和走 UWB 的無線版。有線版當然就是要坐在電腦前面才能用,而無線版則是透過 UWB 和一個小接收器連線,鍵盤本身內建一顆電池,讓你可以帶著鍵盤四處走。Eee Keyboard 充一次電大約可以用兩小時,溫度大約和普通的 Eee PC 相當。

目前仍然沒有上市日期或價格,不過看起來 Eee Keyboard 真的很適合當做為 MPC 來用呢!



We've been waiting to get our hands on the Eee Keyboard ever since CES, and now we finally did! And guess what? It's pure awesomeness!

The LCD on the keyboard is set at 800x480. Contrary to what we expected, this monitor is actually a Sideshow-like stand alone OS running Windows XP. More specifically, this LCDis actually the main monitor of Eee Keyboard, and the external monitor is secondary. If this is true, then theoretically you can control the things on this screen with a mouse. Of course, this is totally unnecessary.

Eee Keyboard has a touch-screen application built right into WinxXP (just like the Eee Top), and it has shortcuts to most of the included softwares. This includes MSN, Skype and Music playback controls. This small app works surprisingly well, and using the the small side screen to control things on the big monitor works smoothly, too.

Eee Keyboard will come in two flavors- a wired version, and a wireless variant that uses UWB. The wireless one works through UWB and a small receiver. The keyboard has a built-in battery that lasts for about 2 hours. The temperature of this unit is about the same as Eee PC.

We still don't have a word on the price nor the shipping date. Nonetheless, it looks like a really suitable MPC.