Computex 2009:怡利,我真的搞不懂你啊!


若有注意怡利(E-LEAD)的人,相信對他們去年所推出的NoahPad輕省筆電(請點我),其特殊的操作邏輯,相信大家印象深刻,這次在Computex展出了Lazy Pad,在今年的CES就有出現。簡單說,Lazy Pad就是具有觸控板功能的藍牙鍵盤。

Lazy Pad有三種模式,鍵盤模式、觸控板模式與熱鍵模式,都是在圖中拇指附近的區域完成,而熱鍵模式,使用者可以自行定義(見圖集)。另外,Lazy Pad可以走藍牙,也能走USB,內建電池為鋰電池,在按鍵滿載的情況下,續航力約三到四個小時。

Lazy Pad在國外許多玩家都用在HTPC或Media Center的電腦,因為體積小放在客廳很方便,一支售價約125美金,大概台幣四千多,只是目前尚沒有在台灣上市的打算Orz。另外,Lazy Pad也有精簡版,只有數字鍵(九宮格)的大小,只是,一樣不會進台灣。


除了NoahPad之外,怡利還有作Skype Conference Phone,最特別的地方在於麥克風可以伸縮,這樣開Skype會議時,大家就不用狂伸長脖子。



<Computex 2009: E-LEAD Lazy Pad>

Some people may still remember the NoahPad from last year and its special logic of operation that impressed quite a few people. The Lazy Pad this year was also presented in the CES; it is a bluetooth keyboard with touchpad function.

There are 3 modes for Lazy Pad: keyboard mode, touchpad mode and hotkey mode, and you can simply use your thumb to switch between them. The hotkeys are user-defined (see gallery). In addition, Lazy Pad is connected via bluetooth or USB, with a Li battery that lasts 3 to 4 hours on full performance.

Many foreign geeks use Lazy Pad in HTPC or Media-Centered computers; they favor its small size and the convenience for using it in the living room. It costs about 125 bucks, around NT$ 4000 or more, although it doesn't really matter since the product is not planned to be launched in Taiwan. There is also an express version of Lazy Pad which only contains the num keys and again, will not be seen in Taiwan.

There is also touchpad for notebooks that use the NoahPad concept and is adopted by Acer to coordinate in their notebooks. According to the company, Acer is experimenting the NoahPad logic out to see if it works in notebooks. Note that the functions of touchpads in notebooks and netbooks are slightly different. (see gallery)

Apart from NoahPad, E-LEAD also offers Skype Conference Phones featuring extendable microphones that save people of their neck craning when having Skype meetings.

The company also mentioned proudly that all the hand disinfecting machines are manufactured by E-LEAD. Is it even relevant to anything, lol?