Computex 2009:長得有點大的即時通小玩具

上面那個看起來有點可怕的東西,其實是台即時通小玩具的原型 iToy,不過開發公司瑞駿科技的專精不是在玩具的外觀上面,而是一系列跟 VoIP 有關的產品應用。

跟一些類似跟即時通軟體結合的硬體差不多,iToy 可以針對即時通的的各種活動來反應(目前測試的主要是以 Skype 為主),好比說收到 Skype 電話,他就可以發出提示音,收到表情符號、特殊關鍵字也會有有趣的反應,而且背後的軟體設定方面,也提供給使用者很大的設定彈性,例如自建關鍵字,加入對應的音樂 / 動作等。



<Computex 2009: Im Toy>

Don't be horrified. It's just a prototype of an IM toy, iToy. And don't be critical about the appearance, either, for Regin Tech is not specialized in designing toys, but in product applications related to VoIP.

The iToy is similar to those hardwares combined with IM softwares and responds to all kinds of actions going on in the messenger (it is now tested primarily with Skype). It will play sounds at incoming Skype calls and show funny reactions for specific expressions or key words. It also offers a huge flexibility on user-defined software settings, such as adding key words and corresponding sounds / movements, etc.

The demo video is right below, if you are interested, click on it!