Computex 2011:沒看錯,威剛也要推電源供應器

威剛(ADATA)一向都是以記憶體與儲存為人所知,現在多了電源供應器的產品線,並且從玩家級(高瓦數)到入門等級都有,玩家級有過 80plus 銅牌認證,也有模組化線材,並且風扇會隨著電源負載來改變顯示顏色,方便玩家判斷電源負載狀態,已作故障排除。入門級也有過 80plus 白牌認證,也有PFC功能,鎖定裝機與價格導向的消費者。

另外,威剛現場還有展示最新的 SSD ,其中 ADATA S599 ,使用的是 SandForce SF1200 控制器,比較特別的是,隨機還會附一個2.5吋的外接盒,而且還是 USB 3.0 接頭,用意就是讓筆電使用者把換下原本的2.5吋硬碟可以裝到此外接盒中,算是貼心的設計。報價約在450美金(256GB版本)左右。

威剛現在也開始推出單條 8GB 的 DDR3 ,而且還是低電壓版,1.35V(正規是1.5V),正在規劃SO-DIMM尺寸的版本,不過目前市售主機板只有Intel 6系列的晶片組才能支援超過 16 GB 記憶體容量的限制。

ADATA, a manufacturer who is well-known for their memory modules and storage, now have added power supply to their product lines, with product range cater for both high-end power-users and more price-conscious entry level users. Their 80 PLUS Bronze certified power-user class power supply have modulated cabling and a fan which changes colour according to current power loading. For their entry-level power supply, it's 80 PLUS certified, and also come with a colour changing fan too.

Also on show are their new range of SSD. Priced around 450 USD for 256GB, the ADATA S599 uses SandForce SF1200 controller and comes with a USB 3.0 connected 2.5" external enclosure for notebook user replacing their old hard drive with SSD to put their old hard drive into.

ADATA now also started to release their single module, 1.35V low voltage 8GB DDR3 to the market, with SO-DIMM version in planned for too. However, at the moment, only retail available main boards which support over 16GB of RAM are main boards with Intel 6-series chipsets.