Computex 2011:NEC展出兩款Android平板,規格雖然不高,但有梗

這次在Computex中,NEC好像沒有展區,只有小小的展示空間放著兩個Android平板。兩款都是七吋設計,不過其中一款是雙螢幕設計(如上圖)。這兩款平板的規格老實說不高,採用ARM Cortex A8處理器,記憶體Mobile DDR 384MB/ROM 1024MB(含系統區),至於螢幕,則是採用電阻式。雙螢幕平板重要530克,單螢幕則是370克。數位相機則是300萬像素,具SD卡插槽,一個MicroUSB,一個標準USB。至於感測器有GPS定位、加速度感應、地磁感應、LCD亮度調節感應,具備手寫筆。

預計將於第三季在台上市,目前兩款平板都是Android 2.1,待上市後應該就是Android 2.2版本。

In this Computex, NEC seem to have no showroom but a small display booth with two Android tablet. Both tablets are 7" in size, however one of them is dual-display (as shown above). In terms of spec, both of them are quite average - ARM Cortex A8 processor, Mobile DDR 384MB / 1048MB ROM (including system block), and resistive type touch screen. In terms of weight, 530g for dual-screen model and 370g for single-screen model. 3 Megapixels for camera, SD card slot, one microUSB, one standard USB. Sensors includes GPS positioning, accelerometer(s), magnetic field sensor, LCD brightness adjustment sensor. Stylus included.

Both models are Android 2.1 at the moment, which should be upgraded to Android 2.2 by the time they hit the market in Q3 (for Taiwan market).

For the single-screen model, with a quite ordinary spec, its hard to say there is any selling point apart from its light weight, which is 370g, and its kind of okay appearance. However, without a powerful spec, this model may not prove to be so popular.

One important application for dual-screen, e-book

Page-flip effect.

Each screen can have its own separate software application.

The selection of pre-loaded software applications is quite limited, so it is unclear that every single software application can be executed correctly under dual-screen mode. Camera/Calculation application is chosen out of random for testing.

Camera interface on the left, calculator on the right.

Tried another two applications, browser on the left-hand side, gmail on the right-hand side.

However, once in setting screen, it's two-level navigation with main options on the right-hand screen and sub options on the left-hand screen.


Function and navigation buttons, located at lower-right hand corner.

From personal observation, it seem to be the case where each screen can be operated independently.

Equipped with stylus.

As for white single screen model:

Single screen model, not many selling points, may be light weight is one of it, less than 400g. One would be very interested to know its RRP when its made available to general market. Spec wise, this one is almost the same as dual-screen model, however, the interface slot on the side suggest this model may have some sort of docking station option available to it.