Computex 2011:HoloAD 的浮空投影技術,台灣自製

說到浮空投影,多半是應用在商品的展示,要不就是電影中的場景。這家名為 "崴擎科技" 的公司在 Computex 現場就展出名為 "HoloAD" 的 3D 全像技術,透過他們的裝置,觀眾可以在各種視角看到產品的 3D 展示,是很有效果的宣傳工具。

筆者有試著問現場人員,這一套器材架設很方便,只要準備幾張2D圖檔,然後透過他們的軟體轉成 FLV 格式影片,就可以直接存到他們裝置裡(透過隨身碟或記憶卡)。不過這一套器材不便宜,至少台幣十萬起跳,所以目前仍是以歐美市場為主力,台灣主推租賃服務。

Computex 2011: HoloAD Holographic Technology from Taiwan
This three-demensional holographic player is from InnoVision Labs' showroom. Branded "HoloAD", this device is a powerful advertising tool which provide 3D halographic product display for viewers from various angles.

According to the company's representative, this device is very to too operate: feed their software with some 2D images, it will be converted to a FLV formatted file waiting to be transferred to the device's own internal storage (via memory stick or memory card.) With a price tag starts from 100,000 NTD (around 3500USD), this device is not cheap, mainly marketed for US and European markets.

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