Computex 2011:惠陽電子有趣的防窺Hub

惠陽電子這家是做讀卡器以及USB Hub等電腦周邊廠商。在Computex時展了一個有趣的小東西。

Cepa Electronics Group is a manufacturer for computer peripherals such as card reader, USB hub. In this year's Computex, they showcased one very interesting gadget.

這個稱之為Panic Hub,在外觀來看,只是一個普通的USB Hub,但只要在產品上面摸一陣子,就可以發揮出視窗 + D快速鍵功能,也就是所謂的「老闆鍵」。

This is what they called 'Panic Hub', one seemly very ordinary USB hub. However, if you touch it for few seconds, it will trigger a 'Windows Key + D' effect, the so called "Boss Key" shortcut in Windows.


An actual test shows if you just touch it, it will not react. One have to touch it for a brief moment to trigger it, which I guess is a preventive measure against unintentional touching. Overall, praise the company for thinking of this smart idea, it's at least one more talking point over other competitive products.