Computex 2011:騰馬Toumaz展示低功耗無線技術





Computex 2011: Toumaz Showcases Low Power Consumption Wireless Technology

In this year's Computex, there is a specialized section for IOT (Internet Of Things). The key to IOT are two parts, one is sensor, and the other is low power-consumption network. Tourmaz, an UK company with R&D centres in UK and Taiwan, started their R&D in wireless technology from the field of medical monitoring, and now migrating the success experience to consumer market.

Tourmaz's wireless technology is not based on standardized wireless standards, nor market standards like Bluetooth or ZigBee, but their own proprietary standard, which transmit on 800~900MHz band. In most market applications for low power wireless technology, bandwidth is not as important as power consumption, connection reliability and ability to transmit through obstacles. The 800~900MHz band offers less interference than 2.4GHz, reasonable antenna size and sufficient bandwidth for data refresh rate required by medical monitoring.

In terms of energy consumption, Tourmaz's wireless technology require only 3mA, which is significantly lower than the 10~15mA power required by Bluetooth or ZigBee. Under the same application scenario, Tourmaz's wireless solution offers three times longer battery life compare to standards such as ZigBee. And by adjusting each end-points signal transmission interval, it is possible in theory, to connect to unlimited receiver within the signal coverage. Besides, Tourmaz's wireless solution synchronizes system code from central computer to RAM module integrated inside the receiver chipset, therefore the receiver does not require a ROM, and would requires only 15 IC component for the whole receiver module, hence lower manufacturing cost.

According to Tourmaz, apart from IOT, home automation and smart electricity grid, there are some new applications such growth and protection monitoring for high-value crops. And there were some odd enquiries made by this year's visitors to showroom. For instance the application of Tourmaz wireless solution to remote control some peculiar instrument that would penetrate deep into human body. As what exact field of application it is, it's rather embarrassing and better left unsaid.