COMPUTEX 2007:Acer LCD 液晶螢幕

看看 Acer 推出的 LCD 液晶螢幕,從 19 吋到 26 吋,全部都長得一個樣,這可厲害了吧!沒錯,這就是宏碁的特色,沒什麼好說的,這次 COMPUTEX 展示一系列機種中,26 吋 和 24 吋為目前市場較少的機種,解析度都達 1920 x 1200,其中 26 吋的 AL2623W 灰階反應時間達到 5ms(24吋的 AL2423W 為 6ms

),對比也拉高到 1600:1。擊點全文看螢幕細節,下面圖庫有更多方向照片:

The whole Acer LCD lineup, from 19" all the way to 26", all look exactly the same (apart from screen size, of course). That's Acer indeed! The 26" 1920x1200 AL2623W has quite an unusual size, but it does have a nice response time of 5ms and a contrast of 1600:1.