COMPUTEX 2007:怪怪週邊大集合

其實要看台灣人在 Computex 上的真正實力的話,就要到小攤位去找(今年是在一館的二樓和四館的三樓)。相較於一樓那些以「商品展示」為主的大廠,這裡的小攤位其實才是外國買家尋寶的好地方,也是 Computex 上真正進行交易的一級戰場。當然小薑一個記者在裡頭晃來晃去就有些奇怪了,還有一個小攤位的人很好奇的說:「喔~原來記者證是綠色的啊...」大概是一般記者都不會來採訪這種地方吧?

上頭這隻 KME 的鍵盤就挺有趣的。平時是一個閃亮閃亮的鍵盤蓋,打開後就變成腕墊。繼續看下去,還有更多台灣來的好東西喔!

As we've always said, the big booths get all the attention, but it's the small ones that get all the fun. Here's a good collection of peripherals from the obscure little companies. The KME keyboard above, for example, has a shiny cover that doubles as a palmrest when opened. Click on for more!

威苙科技的超可愛 Webcam(後面還躲了隻似曾相識的?)
Uber-cute webcams by Aamax technology. There's a familiar looking one on the back?

EzKEY 的滑出式數字鍵鍵盤。
A keypad slide-out keyboard by EzKEY. But why?

EzKEY 的二合一數字鍵盤/滑鼠
2 in 1 Keypad mouse. Now this makes a LOT more sense.

solidyear 的多媒體鍵盤。裡頭還塞了一個迷你的小遙控器喔!後面的那個背光鍵盤也亂炫一把的,奇怪,我當時在現場時怎麼沒注意到呢?
A MCE keyboard by solidyear with a mini-remote tucked in. Now that's one flashy-cool keyboard on the background, how did I overlook it when I was on site?

這隻長相怪異的滑鼠是 Sandio 的「六自由度 3D 滑鼠」,在上面、左邊及右邊各有一個小搖桿來控制 3D 環境中的物體移動。老實說,做為一個玩 PC Game 多年的人,要我用普通滑鼠在 3D 世界中亂跑也沒什麼問題,似乎沒有必要去重新熟悉一種新的操作法,但實際上使用一下後(玩的是 Google Earth),我是真心的覺得它對經常要處理 3D 模型之類的人來說,是個很棒的工具。
This weird looking mouse is the 6 degree of freedom 3D mouse by Sandio. it has three small joysticks on the top, left and right to control movement and rotation of objects on all three axis. Now, as a long time PC gamer, I'll stick to my old 2D mouse just fine, but for people who'll have to deal with 3D modeling more often, this does look like a must-have tool.

一隻看起來還蠻像正版 Wii Sensor bar 的無線 Sensor bar
A Wii sensor that looks pretty much like the original one (at least more like the original then this one).

長得有點 Vaio UX 樣子的 NES / SFC 遊戲機兼 PVP,還有個 1.3mp 的相機?到底該說它是什麼啊?
A Vaio UX look-alike that lets you play NES / SFC games, works as a PVP, and even has a 1.3mp camera built in? Now what exactly is this?