Computex 2008:Lobos IM Phone

Lobos IM Phone 的用途一開始我們實在搞不太懂。在 Skype 話機上裝 Webcam?先不說現在筆電大多有 Webcam,光是怎麼拿著話筒說法,還可以不要讓對方看你的耳膜就個難解的謎。不過經過 Lobos 的解說後,我們稍微有比較了解它可能的用法了。簡單來說,並不是什麼狀況下筆電內附的 webcam 都方便使用的(特別是不能轉的,有時候真的蠻難用的),如果有一個自由的裝置,可以更方便在某些場景拍攝,像是多人的會議、或是拍產品給客戶看之類的。Lobos 的下一個目標似乎是想把它改成無線的,給它更大的自由。

不過老實說,理解是理解,但還是覺得這種東西用不太到 XD

[Lobos IM Phone]

What's the point of having a webcam on a Skype handset. First, most laptops come with a webcam nowadays. Second, your friend will see nothing but your ear when you bring this handset close to your ear. Sounds ridiculous? We thought so, too. According to Lobos, the webcam on your laptop or monitor has lots of limitations. So, their IM Phone allows users more freedom, say involving more people in the meeting or taking pictures of your products. A wireless version will come in the near future.

Honestly, we understood their intentions, but we still don't think it's really that useful.