Computex 2008:傳微星Wind NB在台販售要加入Linux作業系統規格


在之前的報導中,微星在台灣原本僅出XP版本,並無意於Linux作業系統,我們還為此展開投票。據傳微星工程師今早找某個廠商,說要將Wind NB加入Linux作業系統的機種。


[Rumor has it that the MSI Wind NB to sell in Taiwan will include a Linux OS]

It is a rumor. I do not know why I am writing about a rumor. But anyway, do not believe it.

MSI claimed earlier they were not going to have anything more than the prosaic XP OS for the Wind NB, their version of the ultra-portable computer. However, allegedly, an engineer of MSI said they were going to put Linux OS in it, too.

That would be the coolest thing to do, I assure you. Take a look at all the ultra-portables on exhibition and you can hardly find one without a Linux OS except for the G brand ones. Despite that they are doing it in the hope of making more sales, still, we appreciate their efforts.