Computex 2008:華碩 Eee Monitor 現身 - 是 all-in-one 電腦

為了攻下電腦領域的每一個面向,華碩 Eee 系列的新兵終於亮相,這是一款有點像 iMac 的一體成型電腦 Eee Monitor,原來 Eee Monitor 不是螢幕而已。

Eee Monitor 有 19 到 21 吋,內建電視接收器、起跳價格則是 Eee 系列相當熟悉的 500 美元。和老大哥 Eee TV 42吋電視會在九月時正式推出,另外還有兩個神秘的 Eee 系列產品 Eee S1 和 Eee K1,當然這是什麼我們完全不知道。

說不定和 Eee TV 一樣,我們會在華碩攤位某個神奇的角落發現更多 Eee 系列產品。

[Eee Monitor is here!]

Asus' Eee army is arriving fast. After the Eee PC comes the Eee Monitor. Oh wait, it's not just a monitor, but an all-in-one desktop with built-in TV tuner!

The Eee Monitor will come in 19" and 21" and will be priced at around $500 USD. It'll arrive at the same time as its big brother Eee TV in September. There are two other mysterious troops of Eee army arriving soon, Eee S1 and Eee K1. We have no idea what they are.

Perhaps we'll spot more mysterious Eee products at Asus's booth. We'll get back to you on that.