Computex 2009:華碩 Eee PC 1101HGO 動手玩


Eee PC 1101HGO 是昨天看到的 1101HA 的內建 3G 網路版本,除了多了 3G 外並沒有什麼不同。1101 和 1005 的設計是一樣的,只是一台比較小台,一台比較大台而已,但這兩台因為是外接式的電池(據 PM 說是因為內建 3G 的比較耗電所以採用這樣的設計),所以在轉軸的部份和 1008 的設計其實並不一樣。但綜合來說,它很明顯的是 Seashell 家族的一員,質感、觸感都很像。只是因為 1366x768 螢幕比較耗電的原因, 1101 不得不捨 N 系列的 Atom,改採比較省電的 Z 系列的 Atom,對效能會有一定的影響吧。

在圖庫裡和 1101 一起疊疊樂的是 1005HGO。

p.s. 正面的 Logo 還是 Eee..

Eee PC 1101HGO is actually a 1101HA with built-in 3G. Everything else is essentially the same. 1101 has the same design as 1005 and only the sizes are different. However, since both of them have a bulging-out battery pack (according to Asus' PM, the larger battery compensates for the more power-hungry 3G module), they have a slightly different spindle design from 1008. Overall, 1101 is an apparent member of the Seashell family. Since the 1366x768 monitor consumes more power, 1101 uses the Z-series Atom instead of the N-series one. This may or may not have an impact on their performance.