Computex 2009:ECS T800 Netbook


幡龍 青磁花花瓶之外,ECS 還為我們帶來了這台漂亮的 ARM Netbook T800。T800 也是今年特別流行的 AA 小筆電(ARM+Android)的一員,採用的是 TI(德儀)的 OMAP3 800MHz 或 1GHz CPU,並內建 8.1" 螢幕、512MB 記憶體、重僅 800g。現場展示機無法開機,所以大家只有看外觀流口水啦!

Apart from the vase, ECS also gives us the gorgeous ARM Netbook T800, which is one of the popular AA netbooks (ARM+Android). The CPU is TI OMAP3 800MHz or 1GHz, with an 8.1" screen, 512MB of RAM and only 800g weights. We couldn't turn it on, so let's gawk.