Computex 2009:CM Storm再推遊戲滑鼠Sentinel Advance

CM Storm是Cooler Master電競方面所做的品牌。之前除了電競用的電腦機殼外,在這次的展覽中,還秀出了遊戲用的滑鼠。初步看起來還滿炫的,而且設計上有多理念的確很符合一般遊戲用滑鼠的想法,據說會採用最好的微動開關(真的嗎?等上市時拆來研究一下好了),而價位也會很有競爭力(這是指不到三千的意思嗎?)。

<Computex 2009: Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse from CM Storm>
CM Storm is Cooler Master's brand name for gaming market. In addition to gaming computer cases, this time they also put out their gaming mouse. The initial impression is quite cool, and many design concepts actually fits the idea of a gaming mouse. We were told that best micro-switch will be used (really? We will see about that when its available to the market), and price will be competitive (does this mean under NT3000?)

From what the manufacturer have told us, this is not the final finished product. There will be some detail change in appearance, and the driver is not completed yet. However, from what we seem, this mouse is something to look forward to.

In terms of gripping, it's reasonably sized (which means not too big)

Side view

In terms of scroll wheel, this one feels like ordinary click-to-click scroll wheel. It does not have the clear click-to-click feel, as in the Microsoft gaming mouse series (we were expecting a very distinctive click-to-click feel when scrolled, as the manufacturer have specifically mentioned that scroll wheel should have clear click-to-click feel when scrolled).

There are two illuminations point in this mouse, with seven different colours to choose from. As many would have expected, there is a breath light design feature, and it can be switched off if required. Also, the back of the mouse have a display which can display some simple information.

Counter weights


We have been told that this mouse have internal memory which can store user setting for switching from computer to computer. The driver's screen is kind of cool, although it's incomplete, however, from this screen capture, we know that:
* Each button is customizable
* Separate adjustable DPI resolution for X and Y axis
* Can store up to five profiles
* Can record macro and scripts