Computex 2009:只要Double A,萬事都OK - Acer Android輕省筆電

看來,Android也引起了宏碁的注意,在Computex 2009擺出了一部裝有Android的Aspire One。型號與價格目前尚未底定,上市時間最快為今年第三季,規格與一般的Aspire One無異,因為Android需要Always Online,所以出機都會搭3G模組,因此銷售方式有可能會跟電信商綁約的模式。

<Computex 2009: Acer Netbook with Android>
Here comes another one to jump on the Android bandwagon. We found this Aspire One with Android in Acer's showroom; model and price unknown, the earliest launch day would be sometime around Q3 this year. The expected hardware specification will be the same as the ordinary version of Aspire One, with an additional 3G module for the 'Always Online' Android.