Computex 2011:宏碁的芒果機 - acer W4


「目前」雖然不濟,但是 升了芒果(mango)之後就好了很多,也對中文使用者更加友善,宏碁(acer)除了 Android 手機之外,其實還有作 Windows Phone (不然當初何必買倚天ETEN),這次展出了型號為 W4 的WP7手機,只是現場並不能開機,只是放在展示架裡面而已。

acer W4 相信是宏碁第一支 WP7 手機,規格其實不突出: Qualcomm QSD 8255 1GHz處理器、3.6吋螢幕(800 × 480)、1300 mAh電池,預計今年11月會推出。跳轉之後可看細節手板。


Although WP7 is a "present" disappointment, mango is much better and more user-friendly toward Chinese user. Besides Android phones, Acer also makes Windows Phones (or else why would they buy ETEN?). This year they are showing a new WP7 (i.e. W4), but we did not get to turn it on. Acer W4 is no doubt the first WP7 Acer makes, and the specifications are just ordinary: Qualcomm QSD 8255 1GHz processor, 3.6" screen (800 x 480) and 1300 mAh battery. It will be available on the market in November this year. Click on to see the full specifications.