Computex 2011:宇瞻也有 Hybrid 硬碟與 個人NAS 產品

Hybrid 硬碟的好處是可以兼具機械式硬碟的容量與 SSD 的反應速度,除了 SeagateIntel Z68 主機板之外,宇瞻(Apacer)也有推出類似的解決方案,差異之處是透過外接 PCIE 來處理,產品名稱為 PHFDPCIe Hybrid Flash Drive),現場人員表示 PHFD 可以把接上的 PCIE SSD 當成硬碟的快取,常用的資料或程式會留在 SSD ,系統就會優先讀 SSD 裡的東西,進而加速系統速度,PHFD 除了可以當快取外,還可以把 SSD 與硬碟作 RAID 0 或 1。PHFD 感覺起來跟 Marvell 的很像,不知道是不是使用一樣的專利技術。

另外,宇瞻現場還有展示名為 "Web Disk" 的 NAS 服務,嚴格來講是私有雲(Private Cloud)的範疇,一切操作都是 Web-based ,透過瀏覽器就可以處理,耗電從8W起跳,而且多媒體檔可以從瀏覽器來看,若是瀏覽器支援的格式,就可以播放,預計今年秋季看得到。

Computex 2011: Apacer Debuts PCIe Hybrid HDD

One of the biggest benefit of using a hybrid HDD is its ability to take advantage from both world: the storage capacity of a mechanical hard drive and low latency of a SSD. Now after more well known Seagate Momentus and Intel Z68, Apacer joins the playfield with their hybrid solution, PHFD (PCIe Hybrid Flash Drive.) The PHFD is a PCIe SSD which serves as a cache device for mechanical hard drive. The most frequently used data or programs will stays in SSD for faster retrieval by operation system, hence the improvement of overall system performance. Apart from being a cache device, PHFD can also serve as a RAID controller, arraying the SSD and hard drive to form a RAID 0 or 1 array. This somehow feels very similar to Marvell's hybrid solution, one would be left to wondering if the same technology was deployed on both solutions.

In addition to hybrid HDD, Apacer also showcases a NAS service called "Web Disk", which, strictly speaking, falls in the domain of a private cloud. All operations can done through browsers in web-based interface, consumes 8 watts per hour or more, supports multimedia playback in browser for browser-supported file formats and should be available sometime this autumn.