Computex 2011:Promise喬鼎領先國際,展示針對Mac影像剪輯用戶推出Thunderbolt介面磁碟陣列儲存方案





Computex 2011: Promise Showcases Thunderbolt Interface RAID Storage Solutions

As Apple starts to introduce Thunderbolt connectivity to their new products, Promise, beating to the punch, put out three storage solutions with Thunderbolt, before others do. These solutions includes two external RAID, and one SANLink adapter for Thunderbolt devices, to fulfill the insatiable craving for bandwidth that Mac user demands for their video editing works.

There are two models of Promise's Thunderbolt external RAID on display in the showroom, Pegasus R4, a four-bay model and Pegasus R6, a six-bay model. Both support RAID 0, 1,5, 6 and 10 configurations, and maximum transfer rates are 800+MB/s and 500MB/s respectively. In video playback demonstrations, R6 demonstrates it can achieve a transfer rate higher than 850MB/s. Both R4 and R6 can be daisy-chained to expand its storage capacity, with a maximum up to 6 units, 36 hard drives with each drive up to 2TB. And in the daisy-chained configuration, it is also possible to connect a notebook to one Pegasus enclosure and use Thunderbolt port on the other enclosure to connect to a display.

Also on display is Promise's solution to attach existing fiber channel storages to Thunderbolt devices, the SANLink adapter for Thunderbolt. Storage area network(SAN), such as those found in post-production facilities such as movie studio and television broadcasters, usually employ fiber optics channel as interface. The SANLink adapter provides a seamless intermediary between fiber channel storage and Mac computer with Thunderbolt interface without even a software installation.

Continue after the break for a snapshot taken during a transfer speed test.