Computex 2011:Aerovision Avionics 的飛機用多媒體系統


Android 的威力真是無遠弗屆,現在連飛機用的多媒體廣播系統都可以看到其蹤跡, Aerovision Avionics(利翔航太)就在 Computex 展示了以 Android 來開發的機用多媒體廣播系統,除了可以給飛機用,當然也可以給客運或遊覽車使用。這款 Android 機用多媒體系統,可以支援到 Full HD 品質的影片播放,並且可以上臉書或 Youtube ,因為也有瀏覽器,所以也可以讓機上乘客瀏覽網頁。

因為沒有內建 3G 模組,所以不會內建 Android Market ,不過廠商會因應客戶的需求開發客製化App,這套系統目前可以做到輸出80個螢幕。不過筆者現場看到螢幕上有機器人的logo,不免有種想伸手去「盧」一下螢幕的衝動就是了。

Computex 2011: In Flight Entertainment System from Aerovision Avionics

Nowadays, Android seem to be everywhere, even in-flight entertainment system now is invaded by our little green robot friend. Aerovision Avionics, in this year's Computex showcases their Android-based in-flight entertainment and announcement system for airplanes, long-distance bus or tour bus. This Android-based on-board entertainment system supports Full HD playback and websurfing, facebooking or youtubing via built-in broswer.

Built-in Android Market is not available since there is no built-in 3G module. The company however, will develop customized apps on customer demand, and the system at the moment, can support output to up to 80 monitors at a time.