Tesla 上海工廠因疫情停工兩日

可能會小小影響 Model 3 和 Model Y 的交付。

SHANGHAI, Oct. 19, 2020 -- Photo taken on Oct. 19, 2020 shows the Tesla China-made Model 3 vehicles which will be exported to Europe at Waigaoqiao port in Shanghai, east China, Oct. 19, 2020. U.S. carmaker Tesla announced on Monday that it would export the made-in-China Model 3 to Europe, marking another important milestone for its Shanghai Gigafactory. 
   The first batch of exported sedans will leave Shanghai next Tuesday and arrive at the port of Zeebrugge in Belgium at the end of November before being sold in European countries, including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Switzerland. (Photo by Wang Xiang/Xinhua via Getty) (Xinhua/Wang Xiang via Getty Images)

富士康之後,中國大陸的這波疫情也影響到了 Tesla。根據其內部通知和分享給供應商的資訊,位於上海的超級工廠會在 3 月 16 日和 17 日停工兩天。雖然具體的停工原因未被提及,但不出意外的話,Tesla 應該是遵照上海政府的規定,在 48 小時內對員工進行核酸檢測。而從相關部門分享的確診、感染者分佈情況來看,Tesla 所在的臨港地區目前並無案例。所以有比較大的概率,工廠會在 18 日恢復生產。如果真是如此順利的話,由上海廠負責的 Model 3 和 Model Y,在交付時間上可能只會受到一點小小的影響吧。