"The White Storm 3" stars enjoy working in HK

16 Aug – Although they had to wait for a while to begin shooting again after the production moved their film set from Thailand to Hong Kong, "The White Storm 3" actors admitted that they are fine with the change.

As reported on Mingpao, original star Louis Koo and new addition Aaron Kwok were recently asked about the change at the launch of the said movie, and had nothing but positive take on the situation.

"It was a good thing that I can stay here in Hong Kong without flying to other places to shoot," said Louis, who had starred in the previous two instalments. "I am really worried about affecting my family during this pandemic or make them worry."

On the other hand, Aaron said that it is more convenient to film in Hong Kong as they would not waste time on quarantining themselves. He also added that he is excited to start work as it has been a long time since he, Louis Koo and Sean Lau last worked together.

Asked if his wife Moka and their two daughters Chantelle and Charlotte will return to Hong Kong anytime soon, Aaron responded, "I want them to come back as soon as possible. I miss them very much."

(Photo Source: Mingpao)